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Kiya - Shadowrun OC by jaderotaski Kiya - Shadowrun OC :iconjaderotaski:jaderotaski 18 12 Ranor as a merman by jaderotaski Ranor as a merman :iconjaderotaski:jaderotaski 11 4 Witchcraft and Timey Wimey - Art by jaderotaski Witchcraft and Timey Wimey - Art :iconjaderotaski:jaderotaski 16 3
Witchcraft and Timey Wimey - Fanfic
For Sherlock, the arcane arts were a simple thing.
Witchcraft had been passed down in the family for generations, it was a sort of deep rooted tradition that fascinated Sherlock, and he practiced it regularly; his older brother Mycroft, did not have the patience, nor the skill for such arts and abandoned the craft some time into his teens.
His mother, also a witch, had always reveled in teaching her son the tricks of witchcraft, it was how they bonded and grew close; she was a kind women only using her powers for good, for healing, protection and things like that, and she passed her knowledge onto Sherlock, all the while she warned him of what would happen should he fall onto the dark path of a witch; his power could be destructive as well as creative and he was taught to never show it off, to only use his magic when alone, for there were plenty of others that would use and abuse him if they knew what skill he possessed.
Being a witch was in Sherlock’s blood and his talent for it
:iconjaderotaski:jaderotaski 7 5
Dave and Karkat - Home stuck [ArtTrade] by jaderotaski Dave and Karkat - Home stuck [ArtTrade] :iconjaderotaski:jaderotaski 4 1 Zayn and Kaito- Glomp fail by jaderotaski Zayn and Kaito- Glomp fail :iconjaderotaski:jaderotaski 3 4 ASK PROTO-CREED: Question 152+153! by jaderotaski ASK PROTO-CREED: Question 152+153! :iconjaderotaski:jaderotaski 11 12 Sparrowhawk -DnD OC by jaderotaski Sparrowhawk -DnD OC :iconjaderotaski:jaderotaski 0 0 Chibi!Luna [DnD] by jaderotaski Chibi!Luna [DnD] :iconjaderotaski:jaderotaski 1 0 Zayn Nader - Persona-esque DND OC by jaderotaski Zayn Nader - Persona-esque DND OC :iconjaderotaski:jaderotaski 2 0 ASK PROTO-CREED: Question 151! by jaderotaski ASK PROTO-CREED: Question 151! :iconjaderotaski:jaderotaski 8 4 ASK PROTO-CREED: Question 150! by jaderotaski ASK PROTO-CREED: Question 150! :iconjaderotaski:jaderotaski 8 10 ASK PROTO-CREED: Question 148+149! by jaderotaski
Mature content
ASK PROTO-CREED: Question 148+149! :iconjaderotaski:jaderotaski 14 6
Tyra Serrano -Morning after by jaderotaski Tyra Serrano -Morning after :iconjaderotaski:jaderotaski 0 0 Vance as a Foal? and a GIRL!? by jaderotaski Vance as a Foal? and a GIRL!? :iconjaderotaski:jaderotaski 5 1 Ranor Varis - Noble outfit (DND) by jaderotaski Ranor Varis - Noble outfit (DND) :iconjaderotaski:jaderotaski 0 0
I have a LOT of Proto-Creed art, some fan-fictions and a lot of gayness. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!


Trinity by Cat-Bat Trinity :iconcat-bat:Cat-Bat 223 21 You can't just kill a Trickster. by Nethari You can't just kill a Trickster. :iconnethari:Nethari 115 17 Dean Winchester of the Survey Corps by SharaRaizel Dean Winchester of the Survey Corps :iconshararaizel:SharaRaizel 58 19 Gabriel by guardian-angel15 Gabriel :iconguardian-angel15:guardian-angel15 70 7 Hello, Trickster! by guardian-angel15 Hello, Trickster! :iconguardian-angel15:guardian-angel15 68 20 S09x18 Romance on the Line by MugenMusouka S09x18 Romance on the Line :iconmugenmusouka:MugenMusouka 178 11 hey Jude by sweetdari hey Jude :iconsweetdari:sweetdari 554 68 Brother's fight by SilasSamle Brother's fight :iconsilassamle:SilasSamle 237 23 Team Free Will by psycho-bunny-bunny Team Free Will :iconpsycho-bunny-bunny:psycho-bunny-bunny 518 35 I Need You (GIF) by L-a-m-o-N I Need You (GIF) :iconl-a-m-o-n:L-a-m-o-N 441 53 have you seen my human by SkittleKitty123 have you seen my human :iconskittlekitty123:SkittleKitty123 213 7 Laundromat (GIF) by L-a-m-o-N Laundromat (GIF) :iconl-a-m-o-n:L-a-m-o-N 511 17 Roadtrip (GIF) by L-a-m-o-N Roadtrip (GIF) :iconl-a-m-o-n:L-a-m-o-N 508 45 Supernatural Picnic by DeerAzeen Supernatural Picnic :icondeerazeen:DeerAzeen 808 82
There's lots of random fandom stuff here as well as drawing my own characters and scenes from my D&D campaigns...and a lot of Yaoi/gay themes. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!




Hey guys just a quick message to tell you that I'M still alive, there's a reason that no art has been forthcoming, my main computer that held all my art program and WIP's died a few weeks ago, all of my art, writing and such died along with it, the hard drive failed so I lost literally EVERYTHING

Needless to say I was not a happy bunny

I still have a laptop to work with, but it's slow and without Sai I can't draw anything, and the three art projects I WAS working on became lost along with everything else :( Still I suppose it could have been a lot worse and I'd have no internet whatsoever!

Also a big thank you to those who gave me birthday messages, I appreciate it :)

  • Listening to: Nord Mead - Miracle of sound
  • Reading: My own fanfiction
  • Watching: Game of Thrones Season Finale
  • Playing: Animal crossing: New Leaf
  • Eating: Nothing
  • Drinking: Pepsi


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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United Kingdom
I'm a 29 year old artist who lives in the UK, I'm currently unemployed and my art style is completely self taught and is constantly adapting and changing, I have been on Deviant art for four years but I've been drawing for much longer than that.

I draw as a hobby, when I'm inspired or even when I'm in a good or bad mood and its something I love to do, its therapeutic and helps me to relax and unwind ^^

As well as draw I am a very big girl gamer and love playing all types of games from tabletop games like
D&D, Shadow run, BESM, etc to Video games such as Assassins Creed, [Prototype], Infamous, Bioshock, KOTOR, TF2, Portal and L4D to name a few. Anyone who's seen my gallery know I tend to draw fan art of the games I like XD

I love music and it often inspires me yo draw, I love many types of music, from classical to heavy metal, what I listen to depends on my mood. I'm also a massive Yaoi fan but that should already be obvious XD

I love my TV shows too I'm a big fan of Supernatural, Dr Who and Sherlock as well as other shows such as Merlin, Game of thrones etc.

Jade xx



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