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Crossed Times

Chapter 1: First meeting


Altiar was defiantly the weirdest men Alex Mercer had ever met.

That was one of the first things Alex mercer found out about he assassin; though if he'd had his way he wouldn't have known anything at all because he wouldn't have taken the man into their hideout; it was Dana; his younger sister, who convinced him to help the other.

When they first met Altair he was wearing strange clothing he was severely wounded and was unconscious, Dana had insisted Alex carry the injured man to Ragland to be fixed up; she had a much kinder heart that Alex ever had and grudgingly he obeyed his sister, if only so they could get a few answers later.

Ragland had a hard time talking off the others outfit having seen nothing like it before, it seemed underneath every layer of cloth, there was a new weapon hiding underneath; a longsword a short sword, hidden throwing knives are just a sample of Altair's arsenal but what shocked the three of them, was the hidden blades hidden in Altair's gauntlets, Raglend accidentally set one off an almost stabbed himself in the face!

"Jesus Christ...what IS this guy?" He said as he finally got the very dangerous weapon off "Hey he's got a ring finger missing..." He said softly as he examined the man's left hand "Interesting, maybe he cut it off to compensate fro the blade" He pondered before he noticed the man's face, it was handsome, he had short cropped dark hair, and tanned skin suggesting he wasn't from America or anywhere close to the continent; he was interesting enough face wise, but that's not what he was looking at "He also has a scar on his face, it cuts across his mouth on the left side...old war wound perhaps?" He said more to himself than to the Mercers; it was a habit as a coroner to talk to himself like this as if talking to a tape recorder when examining bodies.

He looked to the two and shook his head "Whoever this man is I don't think he's from this century his clothing and the doesn't add up" The doctor said softly "Where did you find him?"

Ragland turned to Alex who was leaning against the wall wanting to be anywhere but here; if Dana hadn't INSTISTED on coming alone with him on observation this one time, he would have ignored Altair and not even given him a second thought, but Dana saw him and insisted they help him.

"In an alleyway" Alex muttered as if that explained everything; Dana rolled her eyes at her brother but didn't correct him seen as it had been the truth. Once Ragland had the others clothing off he inspected the wounds, he had two of them, one in his right shoulder which seemed to have been inflicted by a blade of some kind, and the other was in his side a bit of wood was poking out of his flesh; it wasn't bleeding heavily most likely because the arrow in his body acted as a stopper so he didn't lose too much blood.

"A sword wound and an arrow in his side? Your lucky you both spotted him; even with the arrow in his body he would soon have died of blood loss" Ragland said softly as he injected an local anaesthetic where the wound was and gently cut where the arrow was; making an incision to prise the arrow head and what was left of the wood out; once that was done he checked for any major internal damage; lucky for the injured man there didn't seen to be any and Ragland stitched the man's wound up and with help form Dana and Alex he bandaged up the unconscious male's side before dealing with his arm which was just as severe; the blade must have had enough force behind it not only to cut into the others arm but break the bone as well.

Once the man was patched up Ragland peeled off his stained medical gloves and washed his hands "So...what are you going to do with him?" He asked curiously, the man couldn't stay here in the morgue.

"Nothing-"Alex started

"I don't know yet" Dana looked at her brother who had spoken at the same time as her; there was silence for a moment and she could see her brothers face contort in disagreement already before she had even opened her mouth, she could tell, even with his face half hidden by his hoodie that he didn't like what she was thinking.

"No Dana" He bit out sounding annoyed; and he had every right to be because he knew what she wanted to do and there was NO WAY IN HELL he was going to allow it.

The young women sighed exasperated at this "Alex we cant just dump him on the streets! What if he has nowhere to go? What if he gets attacked again!? What if its Gentek?"

"Wielding bows and arrows and swords?" Alex said sceptically as he shook his head with an annoyed grunt "He-" He pointed to the unconscious man who lay there innocently on the slab, his breathing slow and even "He, is NOT our problem Dana, YOU are the one who wanted to save him not me"

"And that means we just dump him on the streets with HUNTERS prowling around and looking for weak people to kill and infect?" She hissed "I knew my brother had problems but I didn't know he was a heartless dick!" She bit obviously annoyed.

"...Alex bit back the urge to say that he WASN'T technically her brother any more he was the virus, he was Blackwatch and nothing more then that, but even he knew that was a lie; despite everything else, the killing and the consuming, he still cared deeply for his- for Alex's little sister; he wanted to look after her and to protect her from what was going on, and if that was true, didn't that mean some of the real Alex Mercer still remained?

Alex had spend days staying up awake and thinking this over but he hadn't been able to reach any valid or solid conclusions about himself; but what he he did know was that he HATED fighting with Dana and she was right; if they just left him out on the streets while unconscious it was almost as good as condemning him to death or worse, to be a hunter.

"...ONE night, he can stay for ONE night then he's gone as soon as he wakes up, understand? We cant risk this guy knowing too much in case he WORKS for Gentek" Alex said softly as Dana's face turned from pissed off to satisfied at the compromise.

"Alright, One night" She promised "You'll have to carry him, what with the superhuman strength and all" She said with a soft smile.

Alex sighed as he picked Altair up; his lower half was still covered in dark pants made of a soft material his upper half Ragland had dressed in a plain Hospital gown, the dark haired man didn't even twitch as Alex carried him.

They had to be careful on the way back the large abandoned apartment complex that they now lived in thanks to Dana friend being away; Alex dumped the man on the sofa and left him there as he paced about trying to think of what to do next; trying to focus on his actual goal of stopping Greene and stopping the outbreak.

"Alex, stop pacing, its late there's not a lot we can do now, just leave Gentek and Greene until tomorrow, I'll see what I can find tonight" She said "You need to sleep.

"Im nto tired" Alex said softly.

"Your NEVER tired...but that's a lie you just don't want to sleep" Dana said softly.

"Its more like I can't" He murmured softly; he had never burdened his sister with the voices in his head after he had consumed and kill more of the fact that he couldn't sleep because of it but he knew he probably looked awful under his hoodie; he hadn't slept in months and it was really starting to show.

"Can you try? For me at least?" Dana asked quietly; she knew it was probably a lot to ask of him considering what he;d done for her already and how much he had trusted her with but his ragged and worn out state worried her; he was constantly out there fighting; he never slept and he never ate and even though she figured he no longer had a need to, it still kicked off her sibling instincts to worry about her big brother.

"...I'll try but I'm not guaranteeing anything" He said before he glanced to the still unconscious man in his sofa "Make sure he'd out of here by morning" He grumbled before he turned and left.

Dana just sighed as she let her brother go before she turned to the man with so many mysteries still surrounding him; when he woke up Dana wouldn't be kicking him out, not before she questioned him anyway.


The next morning Altiar Ibn-La'Ahad  shifted under whatever warm comfy thing he was lying on; he could feel the sunlight trying to wake him up but by Allah he did NOT want to wake up! He ached all over! The tanned man let out a soft groan and sighed as he realized no matter what he wanted his mind wanted him to wake up and be alert, something was nagging at his conscience.

The  tanned male opened his eyes slowly and looked confused as he stared at the ceiling; where in Allah;s name was he? He shifted and slowly sat up, before he stopped and hissed in pain; he remembered the battle with Al Mualim, the  guards and the former marks he;d killed, became spirits and attacked him; he was outnumbered but he;d fought back then just before he could finish his former mentor off; the piece of Eden in the man's hands glowed brightly...

And that was the last thing Altair remembered; he didn't have a clue where he was now he looked down at himself he wasn't wearing his uniform, instead some strange robe that felt odd, he lifted it and was surprised to find his wounds had been cleaned and dressed "..."

"Oh! Your awake!" Altair's head snapped over to face a young women she couldn't have been much older then eh was she was dressed in  baggy pyjamas and was holding a steaming cup of...something in one hand and what seemed like a glass of water in the other.

Altair just looked her up and down; she spoke the language of the templars! However she herself didn't look to be one of them in fact she looked...sort of harmless; then took in his surroundings which looked nothing like the sanded buildings of the holy land; where on earth was he!? "..." He wasn't sure what to say; his English was not that great though he new a few words "...Where, am I?" he asked slowly his voice sounded awful and Altair grimace;d it must have been a couple of days since he;d had water.

"Your safe, well at least for now, this is my friends place, me and my brother are sort of crashing here...Im Dana" She said before she offered him the glass of water; he eyed it suspiciously and she rolled her eyes "Its not poisoned you know" she said.

Hesitantly, Altair took it and sipped it ; it tasted fresh and cool and it soothed his dry throat; Once held drunk the whole glass he handed it back to her "...Thank you..." He fell silent again as Dana chuckled.

"Your a man of few words aren't you, reminds me of someone ELSE I know" She said with a roll of her eyes "So, do you have a name or am I going to have to give you a nick name?" She said amused as she sat on a couch opposite in and watched him.

It was a long moment, and Altair still hadn't spoken before Alex walked in; he hadn't had a wink of sleep and  had waited until 9am to walk out of the room "...What is he still doing here?" Alex said sounding exasperated.

Dana turned to him "Alex! He's only just woken up!" She protested before she turned back to Altair "I'm sorry, that's my brother Alex, he doesn' people" She heard her brother grunt in agreement to this behind her as he decided to look out of the window to see what was going on; promptly ignoring the two. "Anyway, what did you say your name was?"

"...I didn't" Alitar said softly as he pondered if he could trust them; Dana seemed alright but the male, Alex...he reminded him a lot of himself before he'd been tasked to kill the nine Templars. " name is Altair" He said softly.

"Altair? Wow that's an unusual name" Dana said surprised; Altair didn't look nor sound American, his voice had a slight accent which made him sound rather exotic, couple that with tanned skin unusual, but pretty yellow eyes and a handsome face and he was defiantly a looker, though not Dana's type; he seemed the type with too many secrets, a lot like his brother.

"Where I come from? So is yours" Altair said his mouth twitching in a faint smile; this girl was more open hearted than her brother it seemed who was still ignoring them up until this point.

"Okay you made introductions, now he can go" Alex said as he focused his gaze in them sounding irritated.

"Alex!" Dana protested "He's still injured!"

"I said only ONE night!" He said with a glare to Altair as if this argument was all HIS fault; to Altair's credit, his gaze didn't waver nor did he look the least bit intimidated by the other, his strange golden eyes just stared right back into Alex's angry blue ones.

"Come on Alex let him stay a little longer" Dana said softly; she hated fighting with Alex but Her curiosity was getting the better of her "Aren't you curious?" She mumbled softly.

Altair stood slowly "I'll go...I need my clothing" he said softly; he didn't want to cause a fuss between the two siblings besides he had a feeling Dana was going to ask one too many questions anyway.

Dana turned back to him and gaped "Are you serious? Your swaying were you stand! Ad you have a broken arm!" She huffed; he was indeed swaying a little as he tried to keep focus; he had lost a lot of blood the night before and as such he still felt dizzy, and he was in a lot of pain.

"I'll be fine, I've...endured worse" He said, speaking slowly; Altair wasn't used to speaking English like this, it was only lucky he knew some of the language, other wise there would be a major language barrier "I need to go anyway" He said; he had to find Al Mualim, and the piece of Eden before the Templars took over the world...if they hadn;t already while he;d been unconscious; the piece of Eden had SERIOUS power.

"B-But-!" She sighed; it seemed Altair was almost as stubborn as Alex "I'll be right back your cloths should be dry by now" She grumbled; she;d spent half the night scrubbing blood out of them and sewing up the holes; she felt that it was the right thing to do.

Altair said nothing more as she retreated into the laundry room to get the others cloths. Leaving Alex and Altair on their own, alone. "...My sister might have been kind enough to let you stay but I want you gone" Alex said as he approached the other; he was mildly surprised to find that he was actually SHORTER than Altar by a good few inches; however this didn't deter him from glaring down at the other "I don't know who you are but I don't want to see you around again, got it?"

"..." Altair just stared at him calmly "With that attitude you will end up alone" She said softly before he turned away from Alex (Who was actually stunned for once) as Dana walked in with his uniform "Ah, thank you" He seemed happy to see his uniform was in tact...and less happy his weapons were gone "...Where are they?"

"Oh the blades and things? Uh I forgot to pick them up, Ragland still has them; he's a doctor he helped fix you up" Dana explained softly; she bit back the urge to ask why he needed so many sharp objects on his person anyway but her brother wanted this stranger gone. NOW.

Altair tugged off the  hospital gown and began dressing; thankfully he still had his old pants on so dressing wasn't a problem though ti was tricky with his injured arm "...Where can I...find," He said softly.

"Alex can take you to him- Don't give me that look Alex I have research to do for you and I cant be in two places at once" She said when Alex seemed angry, at the fact he had to hand around with the foreign weirdo.

"...Fine" He grumbled "Follow me and done leg behind" He bit as he left out the door without another word.

Altiar watched him go he bowed at Dana in a respectful way "Thank you for all you have done, he said slowly before he followed Alex.

Dana smiled a bit "Anytime!" She called before she shook her head in amusement; she had a feeling that would not be the last she had seen of Altair Ibn-La'Ahad.


DONE! *Dies*
This is my First Prototype/Assassins Creed crossover Fic! I did it on like two days! Its a fic mainly for me and :icontotalsh:

Theme: Action/drama/romance

Pairings: Alex/Altiar, other pairings later

There are NO Semi-serious literate yaoi fanfics of Alex and Altair ANYWHERE that have a plot, so I decided to start one; no there's no gayness yet and wont be for a while but just wait its coming!

1st: here! :joy:
3rd: [link]
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Ghost889913ab Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2014  Student General Artist
Is Alex the Assassin or is it a diffrent person?
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oh my gosh. when Alex dumped altiar on the sofa I had a funny image of him flopping and rolling on the floor because Alex missed or somewthing. lol Hey do you mind if I draw fanart of that? Kind of like a parody? I just cant shake that funny image out my head!
fishylyco Featured By Owner May 12, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
firedrake45 Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2012
you want to write male partner stuff that is fine and is your business. But DO NOT reduce two of the GREATEST heros of the gaming world to some fruitcake male on male anime or manga drama.
jaderotaski Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Again, I'm not interested in hearing your bitching about how I reduced him to some pathetic drama.

Wow your dumb. Alex Mercer is NOT a hero he is an ANTI-HERO he isn't fucking superman who is all good and kind, Alex kills people to get what he wants, he's corrupt and inhumane a lot of the time.

Not to be funny but Alex is very IN character for his Sociopathic tendencies and how he is in the game, yes he kills and yes, he isn't human, but at the same time he has some humanity in him and some base of emotions because he cares for fucking Dana, that my friend is CANON.

He isn't human but he has some semblance of feelings and emotions so how is it to out of character that he slowly develops feelings for a enigma and someone who is much like himself? (AKA: Altair)

You don't like Yaoi? Fine, don't fucking read it, but dont post comments like this complaining because, unless its constructive and positive comments about the actual story? I don't want to hear it, it's not constructive and it's just you whining in text.

Go tell someone who cares.
YoshiKyubi Featured By Owner Feb 29, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Very good, love it! Epic! *_______________* <3

By the way Altairs scar is on the RIGHT side of his lips. =) Or is it because other people see it on the "left" side? =)
jaderotaski Featured By Owner Feb 29, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Well if your looking at Altair directly it looks like its on the left said of his face but from Altair's POV the scar is on the right side XD
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Ahh, okay... I already thought you meant it like that. ^-^
emmyxogats Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2011
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Fan-Fudging-Awesome :D
I don't normally like any Protocreed fics unless it's Alex/Desmond but this fic is an exception :iconiloveitplz:
Good job mate ^^
jaderotaski Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
haha your the second person to say that to me XD I shalt convert youuuuuu! XD nah just kidding! Im just glad your enjoying it ^^
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aceb22bro Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
I like your concept and you write well, but you could help yourself by fixing these things:

-In neither world is time travel possible. This issue could be solved by using Desmond rather than Altair as the main character.

Writing skills:
-Your skill is fine, but your writing has a few common issues that are easy to fix:
-1. Check for spelling. ALWAYS check for spelling.
-2. Learn the difference between "your" and "you're." 'Your" means somebody owns something, such as, "This is your story." "You're" means "you are." It is a contraction. An example of using it is here: "You're a decent writer."
-3. Don't forget punctuation at the end of a sentence.
-4. When you make a piece of dialog for a character that is attached to a sentence, it should be formatted like this:
Your piece: "Alex!" Dana protested "He's still injured!"
My grammatical brush up: "Alex," Dana protested, "he's still injured!"

The main issue with that is that a comma must be used to separate a quote from the main writing, otherwise, you're just emphasizing something.

-5. You have a tendency to form run-on sentences, such as:

Dana turned back to him and gaped "Are you serious? Your swaying were you stand! Ad you have a broken arm!" She huffed; he was indeed swaying a little as he tried to keep focus; he had lost a lot of blood the night before and as such he still felt dizzy, and he was in a lot of pain.

It can be fixed easily with just a few adjustments:

Dana turned back to him and gaped. "Are you serious? You're swaying where you stand! Not to mention you have a broken arm!" she huffed. He was indeed swaying a little as he tried to keep focus. He had lost a lot of blood the night before and as such he still felt dizzy, and was in a lot of pain.

My corrections were as such:
--1. There should be a period after gaped because the dialog does not stem from the sentence before it.
--2. "she huffed." After dialog, the sentence is continued into the descriptive writing, therefore, you do not capitalize "she."
--3 Throughout the entire writing you use semicolons to end your sentences. A semicolon is used ONLY to convey two related ideas in a single sentence without the use of a preposition such as "and," "or," or "but." Use a period and capitalize the end of your sentences.

-5. Don't constantly use the same descriptors. You used the word "softly" 15 times in this single part. Don't forget your synonyms and antonyms. Remember that "softly" means the same as "gently," "quiet," and "not loudly."

Aside from what I wrote down, that's all I can see that needs fixed.

Okay job. Overall, I give you a C+. Okay, not great; though it has the potential.
jaderotaski Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
O.O Oh wow I've never had such a huge comment before XD

Okay first of all i'd like to point out that the pieces if Eden are ARE capable of time travel or at least a few of them are these artifact can create illusions at will and control peoples MINDS why cant it send someone through time as well? I don't find this concept so unbelievable once you've played AC2 and fucking DEAD PEOPLE FROM THE PAST ARE TALKING TO YOU THROUGH THE ANIMUS!

Also I don't ship Desmond/Alex, I ship Alex/Altair and I'm trying to make this story serious and have an actual plot; I know that right now its seems pretty lame using the piece of Eden as an excuse but there's a reason for all the build up. I want to develop the characters and let them grow intimate slowly which is why, its taken 7 chapters for them to snog!

I am also aware that my grammar is awful and I'm grateful for you pointing out such mistakes for me and I will try harder in further chapters to improve.

aceb22bro Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
One major tip: Don't be lazy at all; go back, edit your work before you post it.
AyrwenofWind Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2011
Niiiiiiice. Can't wait for more. ^^
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Oh you already know how much I adore this! :XD:
Im cheating though, I know how this all ends XD.
Is there any point in me writing from purely Alex's view? Just wondering.

I WANT MORES NOW! Even thought I can read the RP-BUT MOARS!
This pairing needs LOVE!
jaderotaski Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
XD It hasnt ended yet! XD You can if you like would be kinds cool!
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I know it hasnt >.<
Im writing that high school one we talked about yesterday for the hell of it...might not upload though, depends. :XD:
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DO IT! I dare youuuuu!
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... ILU.
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ILU too glad you like it so far!
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Oooh I like so far!
jaderotaski Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Lol Im glad people like it!
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Will there be more?
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Yes I'm working on chapter 2 right now so keep your eyes peeled ^^
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Ooh I'm interested! This seems like it'll be good :O I'm so watching for later chapters!
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