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October 20, 2011
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Alex Mercer/Altair
Ezio/Leonardo, and more in the future


Chapter one: Transfers and Trouble.


He was always there on his own, in the very back of the class, as far away from people as possible, he never spoke to anyone unless it was a teacher, he never interacted with anyone, never trusted anyone and everyone was scared of him. The male always wore a hoodie on top of a leather jacket which probably helped with the almost menacing aura he gave out; he could feel their fear of the student in the class roll off his fellow classmates in waves; it had been like that since he had first come to New York, since he had first come to this school, the unspoken rule was clear.

Stay away from Alex Mercer.

Altair remembered yesterday when he'd first arrived at Abstergo college "Alright! Silence you novices!" Malik growled as he slammed a ruler onto the desk with his one arm in order to silence his home-room class; usually he'd do roll call and allow then to do whatever they wished for an hour before their first real class, but  he needed their attention right now.

"Now, I'm sure you all had a wonderful summer holiday but now this is where you need to really work hard, this first year of class is no walk over and if you slack off you'll fail,  I have been told by the headmaster to remind you all that there are study groups being held in the library during lunch breaks and after 4pm for your studying pleasure" Malik drawled "Also I'd like to announce we have a new classmate who's come all the way from Syria as a transfer student" The one armed teacher waved a hand to the door  and Altiar stepped in he wore a worn off white hoodie that covered his face and a pair of jeans that were ripped at the knees and some black trainers, he wore some fingerless gloves on his hands and some students were already nervously pointing out his missing ring finger on his left hand and the scar on his mouth.

"Ezio, I believe..." Malik paused to read the name of his newest student "Altair, is your cousin from abroad yes?" He asked the handsome male who sat at the front of class, he was a year younger than Altair with long hair tied back into a pony tail.

Ezio nodded eagerly at that "Yes Mr A'Sayf" He said a she leaned back in his chair with a smile as he waved at Altair; his older cousin did not wave back but he did smile faintly.

"Good, then you can show him around the college and escort him to class until he finds his way around" He wrote something on a slip of paper and offered it to Ezio who stood up and took it "If any tutors complain of your lateness this will explain it" He said before he looked to the class "Alright, role call! Altair sit where you like, please" Malik said as he waved a hand.

Altair looked at the classroom; most of the seats were full especially the ones around his cousin (who was insanely popular it seemed) the only seats that were free were next to a hooded male at the very back right corner of the room "..." Altair walked over and sat himself down to the left of the other male setting his back pack on his desk.

It was then Altair noticed how several girls were looking at him in pity and fear and even his cousin seemed a little nervous of where his cousin was sitting "..." He didn't quite understand their fear, not  until he glanced over at Alex.

The male was glaring at him, well Altair couldn't actually fully see his eyes to know if he was but he had that feeling the other was glaring at him for some reason and it sent the hairs on the back of his neck standing up on end in anxiousness; his left hand twitched in annoyance, where his hidden blade was carefully hidden on his left hand, he didn't understand how he'd annoyed the other, perhaps like Altiar he didn't like people getting too close?

As soon as Malik finished with roll call, he le everyone to go about their day, and the class was free to do as they liked but surprisingly barely anyone other than Ezio came to talk to him "Hey cousin! How does it feel to be on good old New York huh? Hey it's better of being in that desert you live in huh?" he said with an Italian accent; Ezio had been born in Italy and raised there for the first five years of his life before they moved to New York and he knew much of the language and tended to slip into Italian words and phrases without realizing, Altiar was just thankful he was fluent in it already.

At his younger cousins question, Altair nodded a little; he had been to America before now of course, he had been to many trips to America to visit his Uncle Giovanni and Aunt Maria with his large family; Fredrico and Claudia, the eldest children, had already graduated school and college and had moved into their own apartments in the city, then after there was Ezio the middle child, Desmond who was two years younger then Ezio and then little Petruccio who was only 10, and was the youngest in the Auditore family.

He had been to America before, but this was the first time he had been here as a student "It's going to be interesting" He admitted, as he spoke softly his voice was rich and deep and he spoke with an accent but his English was perfect, several girls that had been brave enough to join Ezio in coming close to the glaring teen in the corner giggled and swooned over Altair's accent.

Altair's mouth set into a thin line as he soon found the giggling to become increasingly annoying; he had no time or interest in girls or  guys, he was pretty much asexual; he had no time for romanticism, he was here to learn not flirt and as such, he blatantly ignored the girls and  let his flirtatious cousin do all the talking.

"Take your girlfriends elsewhere Auditore, They're grating on my nerves" A voice to Altair's left growled suddenly the two girls shrinking back at the sound of Alex voice, he and Ezio NEVER got on, their personalities clashed too much, but Ezio was wise enough not to push Alex 's buttons, he was known for having a short temper and he'd been in plenty of fights with other students the main one being a jock on the football team named Cross.

Needless to say Alex had a lot of enemies and no friends.

Ezio snorted "Whatever you say bastardo" He huffed before he escorted the girls back to their seats with a charming smile which made the girls swoon as they  fell for Ezio's charms. Altiar rolled his eyes at this and ignored his cousin for the rest of the 'lesson', choosing to pull out his notebook and start doodling despite having a finger missing on his left hand he was a pretty good artist, he sketched out a outline of his favourite bird of prey; the eagle, which was sort of ironic seen as both his and Ezio's name meant eagle, though his Arabic name had another meaning; 'One who flies'

And wasn't that the truth; there had never been a time in Altair's youth when he wasn't running jumping off rooftops and 'trying' to fly in some shape or form using his parkour skills, there had been a lot of close nit rooftops to run over and jump off in Masayf and even more haystacks to land in when he jumped of buildings.

Which reminded him of his other task; he did not know why his adopted father and master told him to do this instead of simply asking his uncle, perhaps this was a test? But the reason he was armed with a hidden blade was for no other reason than he was to perform his very fist assassination here in New York.

Of course Giovanni had kept the true 'family business' a secret, only Fredrico and Claudia were aware of the truth in the Auditore family, that they were in fact assassins waging a secret war with the Templars who's influence was far and wide; in hindsight Altiar wouldn't have known had he not been raised in an assassins bureau from birth after the death of his parents, both of which had also been assassins.

When the bell rang Altiar packed away his stuff and stood with the rest of the class watching as Alex left before anyone else, seen as everyone avoided getting too close to the other's personal space and Altair followed soon after with a sigh, he'd only been here an hour and already he felt out of place, the school system was odd to him seen as before now he had been home schooled, and he had no friends to speak of, well two if you counted his cousins.

Speaking of cousins...

"Altair!" He blinked as Desmond raced up to him with a smile skidding to a stop in front of him it seemed the other had almost been wanting to hug the other then quickly reconsidered his actions "Its good to see you its been a while hasn't it?" He said with a smile as he looked up at Altiar adoringly; he really admired Altair's strength and his parkour skills but the other tended to intimidate him too.

Altair nodded at that, he had not stayed at his uncle's home when he'd gotten off the plane but instead had been booked into a hotel where his hidden blade and mission instructions had been left for him, so it was the first time that Desmond or Ezio had seen him in several years since his last visit.

"Yeah it has...I see you haven't changed...or grown any" He said a smirk twitching at his mouth as Desmond growled and folded his arms over his chest in annoyance he hated the fact he was shorter than everyone else in his family apart from Petruccio. Ezio laughed and ruffled the others hair "Ah he just needs a growth spurt that's all!" Ezio said with a grin before it faded as Alex, after getting stuff from his locker, walked past the trio; he shot Ezio a glare before his eyes moved over to Altair before he turned away "Seriously what's his problem..."

"Who is he?" Altair asked curiously he didn't understand why so many people were scared of him, he was just another student like them, right?

"Alex J Mercer" Desmond said with a shiver "He's one of the most horrible guys in college, no one knows what he's thinking but you piss him off he'll beat you half to death, hell he almost did that last year,  some kid got into his face started insulting his sister and...well he snapped" Desmond shivered and rubbed his arms as if a terrible chill had come over him "He was lucky he wasn't arrested or dropped form college for it but the kid was too scared to press charges and his family moved out of the state" Desmond explained "He has a lot of enemies and no friends at all, it's not like people haven't tried but...he scares people...hell he scares us"

Ezio snorted "He might scare you, but he annoys the fuck out of me, no human being should be that emotionless, talk about having problems" He grumbled as he stuffed his hands into his jeans pockets."Anyway enough of that l'anomalia di natura, what's your next lesson?"

"Biology" He said as he looked down at his class schedule, he was taking several classes to improve his education, Biology, chemistry, History, criminology and art to name a few, all of the classes would be fitting for the life of an assassin, and the classes had been picked for him by Al Mualim apart from art which is one Altair himself picked out and pleaded to have, he wanted one lesson where he could relax and slack off.

"Phew, that's a lot of work cugino, you hoping to be a scientist or something?" Ezio asked with a chuckle as he snatched Altair's class roster and looked over his schedule with a grin "I didn't take you to be the scientific type"

"I, unlike you aren't going to be a slacker, I have ambitions, thank you very much" Altiar said as he snatched the paper back with a roll of his eyes as Ezio pouted a little at this.

"I have ambitions too" He said as he turned his head and watched Christina walk past with a lazy smile "LOTS of ambitions" He confirmed as Christina and her friend spotted him as they passed down the hallway to go to their next lecture and started giggling together as they walked, no doubt whispering about him as Ezio flashed them a charming smile.

Altair raised an eyebrow and followed Ezio's line of sight before he sighed "...She is WAY out of your league cousin" Altair said bluntly "Don't even bother" Desmond covered his mouth to muffle his laughter as Ezio growled and glared at his cousin, before punching him in the arm half heartedly.

"S-shut up! I do actually! Besides you can't talk, how many people have you been out with? Ah yes I remember now, none!" He growled at his cousin who simply shrugged as if he didn't bother him "You have no room to talk Altiar until you actually get laid"

"I have no interest in that, as you well know" He bit softly at his cousin, before he shrugged "It's not something I've been interested in, unlike you, besides I have FAR more important things to do than try and impress a bunch of girls who are probably really shallow" He said

"There not shallow...okay well, not ALL of them are shallow" Ezio said with a chuckle "Some of them are fine, fine signore, and are very modest!" he said with a chuckle. Altair just  snorted at that and the Italian rolled his eyes, he should have expected such a reaction from Altair, but it didn't really bother him that much, he was used to it "Well, at least we know my baby fratello likes someone, I think it's that cute nerdy blonde chick...what's her name again? Anyway she hangs out with this really nerdy guy-"

"Shaun, his name is Shaun, Ezio and 'the nerdy blonde' as you call her, is called Lucy" Desmond reprimanded him with a little frown "And they happen to be friends of mine" He said before he flushed softly at Ezio's other words about him liking someone "...h-how did you know I had a crush on anyone?" He said embarrassed, curse his older brother for being so perceptive

Ezio chuckled as wagged his finger at his little brother and winked mischievously  "Ahh you wear your heart on your sleeve little brother, its easy to tell...besides, Shaun, nerd boy, what's the difference? He's head of the technology club isn't he? Makes him a nerd to me" He said with a shrug.

"So is Leonardo, but you don't tease him" Desmond huffed annoyed "Speak of the devil" He said as he nudged Ezio with his elbow to get his attentions, just as said blonde student left his class, he wore a soft grey t-shirt with a chequered red and white bandanna tied around his neck,  a red beret on his head and a sketchbook tucked under on arm and a back pack slung over his shoulder. He paused to adjust his bag strap before he looked up and caught Ezio's eyes, he seemed surprised  before he mouth stretched into a soft smile, then as quickly as it had come Leonardo looked away as someone tugged on his arm and the blonde was now distracted by another male clinging to Leonardo's arm.

Salai, Leonardo's boyfriend.

Ezio's jaw tightened and he sad nothing as they walked past, his eyes becoming hard and cold as he focused on the hallway ahead of them, and not on his best friend. Salai pissed him off, he didn't know why but he did, he'd never liked him since he and Leonardo got together, oh sure he'd been all smiles and pretended he was happy, but he wasn't; Salai was using Leonardo and it seemed he was the only that could see it. Altiar noticed this and raised an eyebrow, what an interesting reaction...

"Come on, lets get to class already" Ezio grumbled softly his good mood now shattered for reasons he couldn't fully comprehend. "Desmond, you'll come sit with us for lunch right?" He asked.

Desmond blinked Uh...sure I will" He said with a smile, surprised at the sudden change of conversation as Leonardo was dragged off into the opposite direction by Salai


Altair's first lecture was easy enough; he'd had enough sense to read and study before actually coming to the college so he wasn't behind on what they would be teaching him this year, their teacher was a gruff old guy called Warren Vidic and he hated every single student in his class he was sure of it, however Altiar couldn't fault his actual teaching methods.

The only really bad thing about this class, was that Alex Mercer was in this class and to make things worse, Warren had decided to pair the 'new guy' with the psycho, and seemed to smile and enjoy Altair's reluctance as he shifted over and sat next to Alex.

Needless to say Warren Vidic was fast becoming his LEAST favourite teacher.

Alex didn't speak to him through out the first lesson, after everyone was assigned work partners (Meaning they'd be their partners for the whole of  the college semester) Vidic got straight to work on assigning them a study project to do which he would have to research with said 'partner'

Great he was going to be stuck with Alex for a whole semester as his science partner and if they didn't work together they'd fail the year.

Altair was a good student and he worked hard and like hell he was going to fail just because he didn't like who he was paired with. The first project was easy enough; Warren was teaching them about DNA and how it worked in the human body he had some pretty whacked out theories but they interested him, their job was to research and study the subject matter in order for it to be presented to class in three weeks time.

"Okay..." He glanced at Alex " are we going to do this?" He said at least trying to get along with the other enough to get the project done.

"Do it alone, I don't care, I'm not working with you" Alex said with a growled as he folded his arms over his chest Altiar scowled everyone else was sat down and seemingly getting along, just what the hell was mercers problem anyway? He'd never done shit to him.

"Look I don't know what your problem is with everyone, acting like the world owes you something but I am NOT failing this class just because your being a jackass, we can work on this and get over it and pass or we have to repeat the year together which means we get to spend ANOTHER year in each others company, take your pick" Altair said bluntly.

Alex narrowed his eyes at him did this kid even know who he was talking too, his eyes flicked over the others face he was 100% serious and seemed aware of who he was (No doubt Ezio had filled him in) but he didn't seem the least bit afraid of him. "...fine" He said finally  as he pulled out a note pad and pen "Lets get it over with" He said as if Altair's mere presence was a strain on him.

Altair smirked a little at that "Figured you;d see it my way" He said simple as he pulled the biology book to him and flipped a few pages as he began to read and jot down notes. Alex just snorted at that and said nothing as he got on with the work though he kept glancing at Altiar out of the corner of his eye.

He didn't understand the other, he was used to people being scared of him fearing him and keeping out of his way and while it made him lonely, it suited him just fine, no one tried to bully or mess with him, no one tried to give him shit about being from a care home and that he was here on a scholarship.

Altair didn't know about any of that but surely Ezio had told him of his violent behaviour right? So why wasn't he nervous or just a tiny bit scared? Altiar looked quite content flipping through the book and writing down notes in neat squared English seemingly without a care in the world. What's more he wasn't like Ezio like he expected him to be he was Ezio's opposite, he was quiet, smart, serious, blunt and straight to the point.

And that made Alex nervous; there had never been a time where he hadn't made other students be scared or at least been intimidated by him, and then Altiar walks in from another country and slaps down logic like it was second nature and Alex had no choice but to comply.

Alex looked away from the other feeling wary.  He had a feeling there was more to Altiar Ibn La'Ahad than he thought.

Okay first of all this is something I've been SLOOOOOOWLY working on on and off over two months, taking my time with it and just tweaked here and there until I was satisfied with it, there will be more chapters But Expect them to be rather slow.

It was a lot of fun making Ezio Altiar and Desmond all related and establishing other characters that will be seen later on and there's even a few not even mentioned! So keep your eyes peeled.

Also I swear I'll get a better picture but for now this will have to do XD

Italian Index: (Im not Italian, so if any of this is wrong feel free to correct me)

Bastardo- bastard
Ciugino -cousin
l'anomalia di natura -Freak of nature
Signore- ladies
Fratello- brother


Chapter 1:[link]
Chapter 2:[link]
Chapter 3:[link]
Chapter 4:[link]
Chapter 5: [link]
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"What's more he wasn't like Ezio like he expected him to be he was Ezio's opposite, he was quiet, smart, serious, blunt and straight to the point."
^Really run on. Would be better if it was...
"What's more, he wasn't like Ezio, like he expected him to be. Altair was Ezio's opposite, he was quiet, smart, serious, and straight to the point."
(blunt and straight to the point are essentially the same)
This story is otherwise beautifully written. I've read a few high school AU's, but I think this is the first college AU of this pairing that I've stumbled upon.
Great work! :)
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I found your other fanfic - this - and I think itīs also GOOD *_*
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So. Hear me out-- I'd like to offer to fix things like that for you. All you have to do is send me the three stories via note and the next chapter--when it's finished of course but before you upload it-- and I'll fix the run-ons, typos that you missed, and bad grammar. Honestly, the worst I can do is change a whole sentence completly. Your story'll remain the same, just fixed up a bit.

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